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- Format #3: MPEG (.mpg), 900k, 480x360 (downloadable)
- Images 110+ Galleries (avg. 45 pics each)
- Could not locate exclusive content information (appears to be all exclusive content).
- There is a daily download limit (10 GB).
- 3rd Party: Yes, live feeds, personals
- $1 / 2 day(s) recurring
- $17.95 / 30 day(s) recurring
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With the right amount of money, you can get people to do literally anything. When it includes doing kinky sex stuff on the camera, it's where it gets interesting. Money Talks is one of the hottest porn sites that came from Reality Kings, which is the Rolls Royce in the world of porn, so this is probably the best recommendation for this amazing site. Money Talks offers some of the weirdest and kinkiest videos ever made by people who needed money so bad they were ready to do stuff from getting a tattoo of the site's name to getting nailed by a stranger through a glory hole. Let's take a look inside one of the most wicked places on the internet...

Money Talks is pretty much self explanatory - people get paid to do wicked shit. Some of the videos are made live on the street, with amateur girls being approached by people offering them all sort of deals for cash. It starts easy with getting banged at the back seat of the car, and gets more hardcore like sucking a massive cock that is hidden behind a panel with Hitler's face on it, so it looks as if the cock is hanging out of his mouth. If you think this is strange, we are just starting...There are hot babes with their asses painted like pumpkins, and guys that get to bang those pumpkins hard. There are midgets, period. Slave girls asked to be used as furniture or to be treated as pets and made to eat out of dog bowls. Let's not start with underwater cocksucking and public fuck fests as well. All in all, you get the picture, this site has gathered every fantasy known to mankind and a little more over the top, all in one place. If you're into kinky, or you're just tired of regular porn and are curious for something new, there isn't a website on the planet better than Money Talks to broaden your horizons.

Besides quality, this site also offers quantity, so you get to enjoy over 10 000 weird videos that will completely blow your mind and turn your world around. That's pretty much all the porn you need to make you happy forever, but these wonderful guys don't stop here. With new content being added daily, and literally every single day, Money Talks has more updates on a weekly basis than any other site we've reviewed. Think about your future and get yourself something top quality to jack off to by joining this amazing kinky site. There's another surprise waiting for you if you pick the 12 month membership - you will get an incredible 70% discount on the regular price, so don't think twice.

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