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In the lesbian dating community, Lesbian Personals is a well known name. It's no wonder, because this site managed to get 30 million members in one place. What started out as an United States based site, grew to an international lesbian dating place.

The majority of members are here to look for a new sex partner in a relationship that won't last longer than a couple of orgasms, so if you're looking for a princess on a white horse, you might consider looking elsewhere. There is a certain number of girls searching for a long term thing, but they're not easy to find among all the horny hotties looking for fun with no strings attached.

One of the first things you'll see when you join the site (it's free, so don't skip the chance to explore some more) is the "you will get laid" guarantee. It is as tempting as it sounds, and it states that if after three months of being active on the site you still don't manage to have some fun in the sack, Lesbian Personals will get you another 3 months of premium membership. They must have a good reason to be this self-confident.

Now to all the cool features. When contacting others, you can use the standard IM chat or the flash chat, or one of the interest groups chat rooms. The latter lets you find like minded girls that are into a specific thing, so if you like your sex kinky, you'll love this chat feature. Chat rooms are pretty popular and crowded with people, which is a good sign and shows how active the site is.

There are all kinds of things to keep you occupied, like an online sex shop and a collection of hundreds of top quality movies you can watch for free if you upgrade your account. As far as the matching goes, there is a specialized software called Cupid matches, that takes all of your profile info into account and gets you a list of profiles that match yours the best. You will even get weekly updates in your inbox, with all the new members that might be suitable matches for you.

The downside of this site is that you can't do much unless you pay and get your profile upgraded. It will take you a while to find your way around the place, because of the somewhat confusing design. All in all, there are better sites for lesbian dating, but if you're looking for a quick hook up, Lesbian Personals will do the trick.

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