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Have you ever wondered what goes on in those fancy VIP sections of nightclubs they never let you in? Well, it might not be as hot as this in every club there is, but if you gain access to these VIP areas you'll have the time of your life with the hottest and sluttiest of babes getting gangbanged like crazy in their cum craving adventures. These girls love to party until the sun comes out, engaging in some of the wildest orgies you've ever seen. And this is what this site is all about...Now let's finally take a peek inside these rooms forbidden to common people...

In the VIP is possibly one of the best sites when it comes to group sex, with an amazing concept, hot girls and original ideas. It's made pretty simple, yet effective - get as many sexy babes in one place as possible, get them loaded with drugs and booze and let them do what they do best - fuck like there is no tomorrow. These parties are some of the craziest events on the planet and some chicks would sell their souls just to be granted access, so it's no wonder they don't hesitate going wild once they're inside. Once the party gets started, it's wicked girl on girl actions followed by horny couples fucking like rabbits in the corners of the rooms until everyone is so horny it just turns into one huge orgy. There aren't many places online where you can see seven girls forming a train while eating each others pussies or five babes fighting over one guy's cock and who gets to blow him first. It's the place where magic happens and all those things you've fantasized about actually take place. And since most of these babes are professional gold diggers and groupies, you're gonna be looking at some drop dead gorgeous chicks in action and a lot of massive boobage.

Just imagine watching a hot babe drinking champagne out of other girl's ass while she's sucking on a black guy's giant cock. Damn, some of these scenes seem so surreal that you just have to go check In the VIP out and see for yourself. The constant updates keep it fresh, just so you can enjoy something new every week although it will take you months to go through the whole content of this incredible site. What's even better is that by joining In the VIP you get access to all Reality Kings sites, which basically means being granted the key to the heaven of porn. Don't think twice and sign up for the membership at In the VIP, and keep in mind that you will get some amazing discounts if you pick the 3 month or the 12 month membership pack.

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