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Gays like kinky things, they are already breaking one taboo, so why not break some more? How about some spicy hot outdoor bondage action where men tie up other men and do nasty things to them? The fact that they may be discovered at any point is only making things more fun, Bound in Public videos will introduce you to a sinful mix of hot gay sex with a kink for outdoor porn made in public locations.

This is one of the latest sites from a popular porn network, a home to some of the best gay and BDSM niched porn sites. The theme of the site should be pretty self-evident - Bound in Public is about gay public bondage. The update pace is one new photo and video set per week, and the archives are already pretty impressive, more than 70 episodes are up, and the site has been running just barely over one year. Now, the scene count may not LOOK too impressive, but it really is, the updates are not some 10-20 minute scenes, most of the updates are about 70 minutes long, with a lead in interview with an amateur model (oh yeah, it seems like most of the scenes were made with amateurs as well, adding another layer of kink on an already exotic fetish porn site), then there's a long scene and then there's an outro interview as well, right after the scene where the models are talking about how they felt during the scene. It's a great experience and adds a level of intimacy to the updates, I have seen single model porn sites that offer less characterisation then this. The fact that the models talk about themselves at length as well as that there's tons of info to go along with the scene gives this site's final score a really nice boost.

Speaking of wealth of info, there is a comment section for each of the scenes, and I have to say that this is one of the busiest communities on a fetish porn site I've ever seen. There's a very active forum as well and a twitter page where news and announcements are posted, all in all, if you want to have loads of fun and want feedback from other members, this is the place to get it. One of the odd things about porn sites is that while the communities are very active, you do not get a network membership when you join one of their sites, but still, the quality of the scenes and of the content still make people gather up and watch top class gay fetish porn.

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